Nooteboom - OSDBAZ-66W

  • 1991
  • 86899 Landsberg / GERMANY
  • Stuerzer


Additional Notes from seller

Registration Date
Unloaded Weight
20800 kg
Laden Weight
64000 kg bei 10 t. AL 24 t. SL70000 kg bei 10 t. AL 30 t. SL kg
Technical data

With detachable gooseneck, telescopic (extendible) low bed bridge, and
hydro-mechanical forced steering, Central lubrication system Vogel

gooseneck 30 tons:
- hydraulically raisable and lowerable as well as detachable, infinitely
variable adjustment outside of the center position
- Hydromechanical forcing (2-circuit steering)
- ball bearing 5th wheel with exchangeable 2 "or 3.5" kingpins and adjustable
steering wedge

Low bed bridge
- Construction type Low bed bridge, telescopic - Low bed with external tubes
- Basic dimensions (LxW) 6.000 x 2750mm, extendable step by step by 3.400 mm
- Height 370 mm
- front coupling claws for connection to gooseneck
- loading floor height loads 500 mm at 130 mm ground clearance
- foldable widening elements incl. Insert mattresses to 3240 mm

Suspension 40 tons
- hydraulically suspended 4-axle chassis
- BPW axles, consisting of four hydromechanically positively steered steering
wheel axles
- Baggermulde in the chassis, width approx. 740mm depth approx. 250 to 360 mm

braking system
- 2-line all-wheel-drive brake system with diaphragm brake cylinders
- Parking brake by means of spring storage cylinders

Technical specifications

Loading area (LxW): 2500 x 2.440mm
Height of the seat is 1.390 mm

load area
Loading area (LxW): 6,000 +3,000 x 2750 mm
Telescopic to 9,000 mm
Loading height loaded: 500 mm (+/- 100 mm)

landing gear
Loading area (LxW) 6100 mm x 2.750 mm
Loading height approx. 1,040 mm (+/- 100mm)

1 - 4. Axle hydromechanically forcibly steered (steering-leg axles)
2-circuit steering

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