Goldhofer - STHP-Universalschwanenhals THP-UT/ST/SL

  • 2003
  • Landsberg
  • Stuerzer


Additional Notes from seller

Unloaded Weight
5500 kg
Laden Weight
35000 kg
1 Gooseneck
• wheel plate supported on ball bearing race ring, including 3,5“- king pin and
adjustable steering wedge
•Integrated hydro-mechanical double steering for activating the steering system
•Lifting and lowering by means of hydraulic, including hydraulic supporting
•Hydraulic differential gear

• Loading platform (approx. 3,700 mm x 2,440 mm) with anti-slipping-surface
• Technical 5th wheel load 35 t

•Swing clearance radius 2,800 mm when using a 4-axles tractor unit

•Designed for the following coupling height:
- THP-UT: 1.350 mm loaden
- THP-SL/ST: 1.400mm loaden

•Device for attaching claw coupling head of diverse loading decks
•Integrated lashing coupling for attaching THP bogies

•Side walls at four sides height 400mm
•Centralized lubrication system
•Hydraulic coupling bolt

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